Have Unwavering FAITH | Have Wishful Thinking | Use Your 3D as Your Evidence

Make a conscious decision that you are becoming aware of all of the signs that are showing you and leading you every day that you are in flow, and your desire is manifesting every moment. Decide that EVERYTHING is leading you divinely. Pulling you through. Your desire is God's desire. You are a channel. Your ego is the only thing stopping you, and it is up to you to face your ego and let it know you do not need to be protected. You know that God is your protector. Your higher self is guiding you though your feelings. When you feel sad, attached, anxious, worried, afraid. All you need to do is recognize it as your cue to CHOOSE new thoughts. How do I do this practically? Stop, and become aware that you are experiencing emotions only to remind you that you are off track. See that it is untrue, and remind yourself what IS your truth. Ask yourself in that moment, ok what is it that I want? And with everything you have in you refocus all of your attention and energy on your desire. Remind yourself who you are Remind yourself what you are Remind yourself how powerful you are Remind yourself that circumstances do not matter Remind yourself that it is not your end Remind yourself this is just the middle Remind yourself something much greater than you is handling EVERYTHING Remind yourself you can literally just lean back and allow it in Remind yourself that a TON of movement is happening without you seeing it Breathe, say your affirmations, feel the juicy happy feelings of it, know it already exists, hand over the how and when to God Surrender and Trust Your inner world is your reality, your outer world is the reflection. Changing your inner changes your outer. It is that simple. Stop complicating it. It is, it always is working! I love you! Kim xo
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