Loving Yourself Fully Allows Your Specific Person to Love You Fully - Law of Assmuption

One of the reasons that we end up pushing people away, and then experiencing them either, pushing us away or running away; is because we’re actually not accepting and fully loving ourselves.

We fall in love, it feels so good, we're in heaven, everything in life is full of color and inspired. We feel invincible.

Then, if feels so good, and as it gets deeper our fears start to come up. We get afraid that when this person sees our insecurities, we won’t be fully loved. At times we think that our feelings don’t matter. Regardless of what these wounds are or where these wounds came from, you can decide now to fully accept and love yourself exactly how you are because you are perfectly made.

When you have that kind of unconditional love and adoration for yourself everyone in your life has to mirror that back to you. Life is always showing you who you are, so when you fully love yourself life and feel adored and secure, life has to say back, "YES YOU ARE.

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