Manifesting a Healthy Relationship With Your Specific Person I Pedestals

I want to know my partner is my equal and we are strong, standing tall together, side by side. I want her to powerfully and fully come for me, claim me as her woman, each and every single day. I will happily, powerfully and fully claim her every single day.

I recently saw a few videos where certain YouTubers say to "knock your SP off the pedestal for good" and I thought to myself if you are seeing and manifesting the best version of your specific person, why would you want to do that?!

There is no pedestal in a healthy relationship, and if you are living form the end of being in a healthy relationship there is no "pedestal".

Living from the end of that kind of happy, secure partnership means you guys are in sync together, balanced, complimentary, etc. From my perspective that is a healthy partnership. In a good relationship there is no need to even think of pedestals. It's just not a thing. It is true that you should never put anyone, not only your SP, above you or think that anyone is better than you.

That to me is a separate aspect from your SP. That is YOUR self concept issue.

See yourself stronger, more confident, secure, magnetic, high value, the whole package, and anyone who is lucky to have you is going to be obsessed. Do that for sure, but that does not mean that you in any way see your specific person as less than. I see my person in all her divine power, strong, beautiful, amazing, secure, magnetic and the whole package too. That's what I want!

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