People Will Show Up How You Expect Them To I Law of Assmption

I learned so much about the Law of Assumption through a retail business that I manifested deliberately from 2007 through 2022.

I created the business itself as an experiment to prove that what I was learning (at the time) with Law of Attraction was true. I basically surrendered myself to the Universe/God asking that it uses me to prove anyone can do anything that they want in life. The promise that I made to God was that someday once I really understood it and became successful at it, I would teach people. I would empower people to trust themselves and to know that they can do literally anything that they want in their life.

I manifested good relationships with my customers leveraging the Law of Attraction then I evolved into the Law of Assumption. Once you learn how to operate through the Law of Assumption you can apply this teaching to any area of your life. I was very specific with my intentions and affirmations that I would repeat to myself each morning.

It is critical for your success to set your mind every morning, and to stay consistent and focused throughout the day.

So every morning I would deliberately focus on what I wanted to experience customers to say to me. I would imagine myself as my customers getting excited to come into my store to shop. I would imagine what they would feel the moment they would walk in my store. I imagined how they would perceive me, and how good of a relationship we would end up having.

I set my intentions very clearly that they would have an amazing experience with me. I was clear that I would not only give them a unique shopping experience, but that our bond would go even deeper in that for the entire cycle of their projects they could depend on me and we would have a meaningful experience.

When I interacted with these customers they would always perfectly mirror back to me everything that I had imagined they would.

As I learned this I would also see how it would play out in other relationships in my life.

People are always showing us our beliefs around who we believe we are, who we believe they are, who we are to each other, and even broader what that type of relationship looks like to us.

As we become aware of life just reflecting ourselves back to us we realize that we can literally change any circumstance by changing our belief and how we conceptualize the subject in our belief system.

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