The Law of Assmuption I Trust Your Inner World I Change Your Life

I started learning about manifesting and how we are always manifesting 24/7 back in 2006, and I have been documenting ever since. I have countless experiences where I have reverse engineered to see exactly how to deliberately manifest what I want in my life.

I believe mostly of what Neville Goddard taught, but with a couple exceptions for me personally.

I believe our higher purpose in life is to evolve and I believe that God, Universe, Source, Creator, Higher Self (all of the above) placed us here to create on it's behalf. Due to that I believe that our desires that are inspiring us are seeds that  God has planted in us so we can create whatever it is for God.

So when we desire anything we can count on the fact that God is going to make everything that has to come together, come together. That all circumstances, people's minds, events will shift in accordance with our desire to make it unfold. Because of this overarching belief in what my desire are, I never question if I can have something that I want in my life, because from my perspective it isn't even technically my desire it is of the Universe. To me it is a disservice to God not to follow my heart.

I personally do not believe that I am the God, but I do believe that I am a God in my personal reality. That is the main point that I disagree with Neville Goddard's teaching. I like trusting in God to handle it all for me, and during tough times in my life where I have felt down and out it has helped me to know there is something much greater than me that is providing for me.

I have learned through 1000s of experiences over the years that I can always trust my inner world, and I always have the choice to not trust the circumstances that surround a particular thing in my reality.  I have learned that shifting my mindset shifts all circumstances, and that they are always malleable. Nothing is ever set in stone, and our realities conform to our inner world.

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