You Can Manifest Any Desire

From my perspective the One that gave you your desire is THE One, the power that created you, me and trillions of galaxies. Universe is always desiring to evolve through us. It is always looking to create through us. Every single object in your reality was created by someone and that someone was inspired and given everything needed to bring the desire to fruition.

We would never have evolved if it weren't for desire and inspiration from God. It's really hard, when you think of it that way, to be worried that your desire can't be yours. Or to doubt if you deserve it, or if you're worthy of it, or if it is even possible. Of course it's possible because God wants it through you.

You can manifest literally anything that your heart desires because Infinite Intelligence is the actual One that wants whatever it is to exist in this world. You are simply an extension, a channel of God. Yes you are A God in your personal reality, but not The God.

God is within you, and within everyone and everything else. When you put your ego aside along with all of your fear, doubts and limitations God will take you over. God will guide you. Provide for you, and give you every single resource needed to have, do and be anything you want! You just have to give up the fight and surrender.

This is all just my belief and if it resonates with you great. I do not believe any of us have any limits. If we believe something can be possible for us, then it exists already and God wants the experience through you for itself in this realm.

You can truly manifest anything.

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