Your Circumstances Are Showing You Everything You Need to Know to Manifest Your Specific Person Back

Your person and the circumstances have already shown you the way to be together.
Follow your bliss, trust in the feeling, detach from your ego's lies.
Recognize your ego's fears created your circumstances. Your person is your divine mirror soul here to act it out FOR you, not TO you. They had to, for your higher good.
And now they're ready because you're let them back in, you two are healed, you both have grown, you both are in full power, and they are powerfully coming towards you.
Declare and decide right now to create from a higher place, from your higher self, from God's wish for you that already exists. All creation is done. There are literally billions of galaxies existing, why would you even doubt that kind of power? All of it already exists. Select it over and over, redirect, redirect, redirect. Drop all memories of what happened.
How do I know when I've shifted?
When the lies show themselves through your thoughts, memories, or even in your reality and you just do not give a "you know what" because you know the truth.
Your old triggers are gone. You've become the new version of you.
Create a new memory of the moment when you look in each other's eyes and say:
"I am so glad I never gave up. I always knew we'd be right here."
That moment has happened.
How does it feel?
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